Custom Carpeting Options

Our customization options let you choose every aspect of your carpet according to your specific needs and style preferences. You can modify one or several elements of an existing product, or have our consultants work with you on a one-of-a-kind design.

The following custom options are available:

  • Size:  Choose an area rug size specific to your space
  • Colour:  Match your carpet colour to another element in your home or simply choose a colour you love
  • Borders:  Add single or multiple borders to area rugs and stair runners
  • Quality grade:  Choose from a selection of low/mid/high-end carpet grades
  • Texture:  Choose from low or high pile carpets
  • Carving:  Achieve an embossed effect with with expertly “carved” patterns and designs in your custom rug
  • One-of-Kind Custom Designs:  Opt for the highest level of customization – APT designer can design a carpet to your exact specifications.  A true work of art for your floor!

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